Valeria, Melbourne
(Depression, anxiety)

Valeria, Melbourne
(Depression, anxiety)

This is my second feedback for the situation we faced with my son. Actually the third one because the first time we turned to Bella was a few years ago (with warts which were magically cured). However, the second feedback would be probably more accurate as the changes, I mean the positive changes in my sons behaviour are continuing to happen as Bella presumed. Everyone knows children can be sad and miserable at times in their lives until recently we have tended to assume all children can bounce back emotionally from sad events. However, for some children sadness does not lift, but lasts for a long time. When children are miserable and show a number of other changes in behaviour that stop them from participating in their normal activities, it can be called depression.

My son Pavel, was bullied at school. Pavel probably did not recognise what had happened to him so he was not able to tell others that he could not get rid of sad feelings, he may not have known the words to describe what he felt.

These were signs that I noticed:

  • A sad unhappy mood most of the time that lasted for weeks or more
  • Lack of interest or pleasure in activities, he had previously enjoyed
  • Irritability
  • Disturbed sleep over some weeks
  • Change in appetite, weight loss
  • Poor concentration
  • Feeling hopeless and worthless
  • Being tired most of the time
  • Talking about death
  • Mentioning suicide
  • Taking risks and not seeming to care if he was hurt or in pain
  • Being angry or resentful a lot of the time

Probably Pavel had anxiety as well which is different but can sometimes accompany depression; he seemed to have aches and pains that had no physical cause. Anyway, we had a choice of getting help from a child psychiatrist or…

I remembered the wonderful cure that happened with the warts, and decided to ask Bella for help and healing. I believe that depression and anxiety are emotional diseases and the whole body needs to be treated. We started with metal treatment and after a few (3 or 4 procedures) Pavel started to feel better. He started to share his thoughts and spend more time with us. However, after the 5th or 7th treatment he became more irritable and uncontrollable, he got in to tears easily and stared to yell for no reason. This was mixed with absolutely normal behaviour, but Isabella warned us that such things could happen and we tried to survive. After the 12th visit Bella told us that Pavel is cured and he would probably need a check up in a few months.

Time passed and wonderful changes have occured, Pavel has made new friends and takes interest in new activities, he has become an ordinary teenager with their difficulties and attitude to life. But the most important result is that he is not bullied anymore or maybe he does not pay attention to such things because he is much happier inside.

In conclusion, I would like to say an enormous thanks to Bella for her treatment. If not for her we would have been chasing the doctors and getting new psychiatric diagnosis for a lifetime. There is always a choice how we treat ourselves and thanks god we have got Bella with her knowledge, metal, hands, beliefs, humour, endless smile and cheerful nature that most of the diseases step back, even those which we considered untreatable.

Thank you Bella!

Pavel’s mother, Valeria, VIC

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