May 25, 2014

Tina, Melbourne
(ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, autism, behaviour problem, fear)

I am a mother of a young boy who was presented with many problems since he was born in May 1999. I was aware that Luke had certain problems from the start. Luke would cry all the time and was never settled, this went on for two whole years. I visited many doctors and no one could help me. As […]


May 14, 2014

Mary P, Melbourne
(panic attack, clinical depression, fear, convulsions, anxiety attacks, insomnia, nervousness, drug addiction, epilepsy and seizures, obsessions)

Introduction – Roslyn as a child was fit and healthy running and playing with her family and friends. She grew up in Melbourne attending well known Primary and Secondary schools. After which she studied at Monash University gaining a Bachelor of Science with Honours.

Roslyn went on to work in laboratories and then changed direction into counselling.
Roslyn also travelled overseas after […]