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I first came into Isabella’s Ancient Russian Healing office 6 months ago crippled by a debilitating case of deep rooted, treatment resistive depression and anxiety disorders, insomnia and underlying mild learning disabilities. Just to paint a picture; my reality consisted of a typical standard of where I was constantly stuck in a stubborn blue print of chronic negative thoughts, bouts of suicide ideation and disabling brain fog. I was extremely introverted, had poor short term memory, was poorly co-ordinated, poorly groomed, addicted to my bed, unfit and chronically struggled to cope with part taking to any adult occupational demands, whether it was study, employment or volunteer work, you name it, I struggled with it. Every day was a bad day. In fact, to be completely honest with you, just navigating my way around the supermarket shopping for groceries was an accomplishment in itself.
The first words I said to Isabella was, “I want this thing eradicated, can you do that for me?”. She responded with great confidence back to me, “absolutely!” and off she went to proceed with her methodology of treatment, on a strict routine of three sessions a week. For the first month, not much really happened and I was a little disheartened but with sheer tenacity I continued to keep going with Isabella’s treatment and to my surprise, things certainly started to make a turn for the better in the second month. Especially, when I started to apply Isabella’s special complimentary treatments I did at home. Within the second month I felt an unexplained sensation of weight lifted from my head, I developed better sleep patterns and started to experience less fatigue throughout the day. In the third month, I found my memory was starting to improve to the point where I wouldn’t have a frantic search party around the house for essential hand bag items like my keys, wallet or phone every time I had to leave the house, I stopped forgetting critical things like appointments or following through with daily, weekly goals, I became more on top of self care responsibilities and stopped forgetting to brush my hair or teeth and the majority of the week I didn’t feel like it took so much mental effort to maintain a standard of self care I was happy with, I even did 2 pieces of art work in a month and entered in an exhibition. In the fourth and fifth month I started going through a random experience of peppered frequent urination, coughing up mucus balls, nausea, migraines and regular bowl movements. Then I would go backwards in progress a couple of steps. I would have really, really good days and then down right rotten I should have stayed in bed type of days. However, I wasn’t worried because I knew this was just part of the process of elimination Isabella had spoken about in previous consultations, so I kept going and with every bout of elimination was a real game changer in my journey for recovery. I kid you not! I even started to wear make up more often, walk the dog after work instead of collapsing into my bed from over exhaustion, spring clean the house, then my problems with emotional illiteracy started to improve and was able to start feeling my emotions and not only feel them express them instead of freezing up or dissociating, I was able to effectively time manage and do more activities throughout my week. Heck, even socialising is becoming more easier to the point where it is not so overwhelming any more.
I am still currently undergoing the treatment as we speak and will have more updated journaling type reviews but all I can say it has been quite a journey already up to date. I am truely grateful for all of Isabella’s hard work in helping me recover with all her expertise in her field. I would absolutely recommend this therapy to anyone who is struggling with treatment resistant disorders of any type.

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