Pavel’s story by mother Valeria

Pavel’s story by mother Valeria

This is my second feedback for the situation we faced with my son actually the third one because the first time we turned to Isabella with wart , which was magically cured.
Everyone knows children can be sad and miserable at time in their lives.
Until recently, we have tended to assume all children can bounce back emotionally from the events( my son was bullied at school)
Many depressed children became depressed adolescents and adults, so it is really important to do something about depression in a child.
My son was sad, unhappy mood most of the time that lasted for weeks or more. He had luck of interest or pleasure in activities he had previously enjoyed
Irritability, disturbed sleep, change in appetite, weight loss, poor concentration.
Being tired for a most of the time, talking about the death, being angry or resentful a lot of the time. Luckily I noticed those changes in my son Pavel.
We started with metal treatment and after a few weeks (3-4)procedures Pavel became to feeling better. After 5th or 7th treatment his condition got worse but Isabella warned us that such things could happen and we tried to survive.
After the 12th visit Isabella told us that my son is cured.
The time passed by but the most wonderful changes continued

In conclusion, I would like to say enormous thank for Isabella for her treatment otherwise we would have been chasing the doctors and getting new psychiatric diagnosis for the lifetime
There is always a choice how to treat ourself and thanks God, we have got Isabella with her knowledge, technique, believes, endless smile, and cheers up that most of the diseases would step back, even those which we considered
Thank you Isabella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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