Mary P, Melbourne
(panic attack, clinical depression, fear, convulsions, anxiety attacks, insomnia, nervousness, drug addiction, epilepsy and seizures, obsessions)

Mary P, Melbourne
(panic attack, clinical depression, fear, convulsions, anxiety attacks, insomnia, nervousness, drug addiction, epilepsy and seizures, obsessions)

Introduction – Roslyn as a child was fit and healthy running and playing with her family and friends. She grew up in Melbourne attending well known Primary and Secondary schools. After which she studied at Monash University gaining a Bachelor of Science with Honours.

Roslyn went on to work in laboratories and then changed direction into counselling.
Roslyn also travelled overseas after finishing University and while working.

Condition –
Roslyn was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 21 years while at University. The reason for this change in here mental state was not clear at the time of diagnoses.

Ten years later Roslyn told her mother she had a traumatic experience at the age of 21 years.
Her condition only occurred under extreme stress and in general was only seen every 6 months up until the age of 30 years. At this point the frequency of the attacks increased to weekly. This occurrence of weekly attacks happened after having vaccinations to travel to Vietnam.

The condition worsened with attacks occurring every 3 to 4 days. This caused her to seek further medical advice consulting with Professor Cook at St Vincent hospital Melbourne. He recommended surgery to remove any abnormal scaring on the brain after a CT scan showed that the front lobe had scar tissue present. He led the family to believe this work would correct Roslyn’s condition or at least improve it.

The surgery was performed under experimental conditions by Professor Cook and left Roslyn in a worse condition than prior to surgery. This was due to the opening of the brain which lead to further stress leading to depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks, insomnia, nervousness and convulsions which all occurred post surgery. These conditions lead to a high uses of commercial drugs such as Clonazepam, Kepra, Epilim, and Frisium, to control the above problems. This dulled Roslyn sensitivity and lead to dependence (addiction) to Clonazepam which is an anti depressant. She also lost her appetite, her behaviour changed (personality) loosing the desire to interact with friends and became very abrupt and angry.

She was admitted into hospital when the Epilepsy attacks occurred after surgery to try and stabilise the worsening condition. After many visits to the hospital the doctor said they were unable to stabilise her condition. They told her not to come back when the attacks occurred as there was nothing they could do for her condition. This was at the end of 2008.

This lead to my desperate search to find some means of treating Roslyn’s condition as by now she was addicted to Clonazepam and was having seizures which occurred every 3-4 days which were lasting longer and were more severe than prior to the operation carried out by Professor Cook.

On the 26th January 2009 I took Roslyn to Healing and Restoration of the Central Nervous System run by Isabella Kleiman in Caulfield, Melbourne. Isabella started treating Roselyn immediately.

Isabella treated Roslyn directly three times a week and at home we had to carry out specific natural healing treatments.

The aim of Isabella’s treatment has been to:

1. remove the drug dependency

2. to start to achieve normal brain function

3. take away the fear which was causing a predisposal to epilepsy

4. Improve her psychological well being

By late February 2009 I saw Roslyn’s epilepsy seizure reducing to a point where after 5 days none occurred. This continued to improve until May when she became seizure free.
By the end of April Roslyn was off Clonazepam completely and her addiction had been completely cured. I continue to reduce her drug intake and today 11th June 2009 she is only taking small amounts of Epilim and Kepra; 1 tablet of each per day down from 3 tablets per day under Professor Cook.

By March 30th 2009 Roslyn’s fear and nervousness had been cured and this continues today. Her psychological well being has improved to the point that she feels she can get better and appreciates all that Isabella and her mother have done for her.

I cannot thank Isabella enough for her time and understanding in treating Roslyn condition. I would recommend anybody needing help in the area of healing restoration to consult with Isabella Kleiman before seeking traditional western medical advise.

Today we are so impressed with the treatment and care we have received from Isabella that we will continue to attend her clinic with Roslyn and recommend her treatment to others.

I am sure with Isabella’s love and Gods help Roslyn will make a full recovery.

With love and respect,

Mary P, VIC

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