Maria, Melbourne
(Multiple Sclerosis treatment)

Maria, Melbourne
(Multiple Sclerosis treatment)

It was June 2007 when I felt numb on my right foot, to the point where I was dragging my foot with me. I also noticed I couldn’t control my bladder. I knew something was wrong, however I wasn’t prepared for what was coming my way next. Within 3 weeks I was numb all the way up my right side up to under my breast bone. I went to the Alfred Hospital 3 times, all the time they were telling me it was nothing and they kept on sending me back home. The 4th time one of the nurses decided it was time for an MRI. The MRI showed fluid in my head. Another MRI was performed; they found a lesion in my middle spine. The Doctors suspected MS, but they were just suspicious. My next appointment was to have a lumbar puncture and an optical nerve test; which I jumped to. My optic nerves were fine; however the lumbar puncture confirmed MS. I was devastated.

The problem started in June 2007 and diagnosis was made in August 2007. Two month with an uncertainty of what I had. Obviously throughout the two months I was hoping for a slipped disk only. Previously to this I had a blood test which showed my vitamin D levels were down to 41%. Apparently studies are showing that low vitamin D can cause MS. However studies have not yet proven this theory. I started taking vitamin D capsules, stopped drinking anything with diet in front of it. I did a 7 day detox program, to remove all toxins. I went and saw a Naturopath and popped all the tablets he gave me. I did everything I could think of to ensure and hoped I didn’t get another attack. One day my cousin gave me an article clipping from the local paper. It said/read “Ancient Russian Healing” – Restoration of the Central Nervous System. I dwelled on the clipping for two months before I phoned the number on the clipping. However, very sceptical but intrigued.

I spoke to Isabella and she was telling me the therapy was unique, passed down to her from her grandmother, been in her family for generations. 3 weeks went by and I hadn’t been to see her, but the muscular pain and uncontrollable bladder was still with me. So I called again and make the appointment. I haven’t looked back. I had 3 sessions a week. Within 3 weeks I was able to control my bladder. Going shopping and not having to worry about whether the toilets were near or not was a good feeling. I was over the moon. Mentally I was getting stronger after every treatment. I started to feel really good. The better I felt the more trust I was putting in Isabella. She drilled the word “positive” in me. Every time I felt different muscular pain Isabella and positive were the first things that came to me. And I went through it without fear.

I was scheduled for another MRI and of February 2008. I pushed the appointment out till end of April 2008. Why? Because I wanted to see results, medical results. I was always positive and hopeful. I kept going to see Isabella 3 times a week, missed only one appointment. Every time I left from Isabella I felt stronger. I went through days with minor, not too severe muscular pain. But I didn’t loose faith or hope. The MRI lasted 90 minutes. Both head and spine were done at the same time. I received the results from the MRI on the 17th June 2008. My husband was with me at the hospital, I was fidgeting and sweating. Results showed a decrease, a decrease in fluid, which also indicated a decrease in lesion. It is now 3 weeks where I haven’t felt any muscular pain at all. I am confident that my next MRI will show no fluid and no lesion. That will be the ultimate medical result in the history of the western world. I will continue to see Isabella until I am happy enough this is over, also I enjoy seeing her. I thank her for everything she has done. From Isabella’s therapy I have gained confidence, mental strength, bladder control, muscular strength and a full “positive” mind and offcourse the decrease in the MRI results. Without the treatment there is no way there would have been a decrease. It’s never happened before. You need to believe and have faith, just as I did and have.

Isabella thank you very much for bringing this special unique therapy to Australia. I believe your treatment will not go unnoticed and I thank my cousin for finding your clipping in the local paper.

Thank you Isabella and God bless you,

Maria, VIC

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