Jessica, Melbourne
(Autistic spectrum disorder treatment)

Jessica, Melbourne
(Autistic spectrum disorder treatment)

My son Roberto was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder in Jan 09. He is 3.5 yrs old and is a beautiful little boy who smiles when smiled at, and is a very active boy. People I know are not very open to alternative therapies and me being a mother of a boy with autism, you would try anything to see that slight improvement. My mother gave me the newspaper clipping that read ‘Ancient Russian healing’ – Restoration of the Central Nervous System. I was sceptical because I know that there is no cure for what my son has. There are no answers as to how autism develops. I called that same day when reading the clipping.

We have been seeing Isabella for over 3 month and have been going 2 times a week. She explained to me that he will be irritable during the elimination process, getting either vomiting or diahorea and during this period his behaviour will get worse. Throughout the 3 months, my son has had improved speech and is able to pretend play (something he did very little of). He is able to remember things and apply them to his play or put it into sentence form. He has days like any normal 3.5 year old but he has calmed down.

Like I said, I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure how Isabella’s metals would help my son. She kept asking me to be patient and said that she would help my son but it takes time. Every time we go she tells me there is still more bowel elimination to come and she is right. I have faith and know that this will help my son as I have seen improvements. Isabella keeps reassuring me to be patient because he will get better. I have learned to believe in her and her work. This story is still to be finished as we will stop seeing her for a period of time until she tells us to come back. In the mean time my sons cognitive development will continue to improve and just seeing him happier and interacting better with children his own age and able to make himself understood is all the proof I need to know that Isabella’s therapies have worked so far. Thank you Isabella!

June 2009 – It has been another 3 weeks since our story continues with my son Roberto. In the past 3 weeks my son has had a huge improvement in his speech. He is able to tell me exactly what he wants and lets me know when he has finished, wants no more or something else to do. I have seen an improvement in his play and he is now imitating what I do with his younger brother and toys. I have observed him doing so much more pretend play and he is even playing better with his cousin who is the same age. I see his behaviour is now a lot more normal for his age group. I was so happy to hear him come tell us that his cousin pushed him and it made me laugh because he said “no pushing Java naughty get down”. This is a real breakthrough for us because he is able to use his words.

I have even seen the improvements when we go to his playgroups and when he sees his speech therapist and teacher. They have noticed how much direct eye contact he makes with them, at how well he sits down with them (he sits for a whole hour to do his activities – even the ones he doesn’t like), how well he takes everything in and pays attention. His is just so much calmer and willing to do things. Just seeing him change from when we stared with Isabella till now and even having other people notice and comment on it makes me feel very happy and proud at just how far he has come. We shall continue with Isabella until he is better and if what I have seen in his speech, cognitive and physical development in the last 4 months is something to go by, then I cannot wait to see how he will be when we finish. He will definetely be a real miracle and a real testimony towards Isabella and her work.

Thank you so much Isabella,

Jessica, VIC

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