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My Wellbeing Magazine, June 16 2014 – How natural therapy cured my panic attacks

One of Isabella’s patients Naomi was interviewed in My Wellbeing Magazine in 2014 to talk about her natural panic attack treatment and how it has helped change her life. I had my first panic attack when I was 21 years old. I had only just finished university. Sixteen years later I am still experiencing them. At least I was until a couple of months ago…” You can read the full article here.


Melbourne Weekly Magazine, Nov 21 2007 – A moment with Isabella Kleiman…

Isabella Kleiman practises and ancient form of healing from her office in Caulfield South. The technique has been passed down her family through generations. What is this ancient Russian healing? It is a technique that was created before modern medicine and was developed by one family. It was past on from generation to generation. What can it treat? The technique specialises in the restoration and healing of the central nervous system. Because we (healers) believe that the cental nervous system is responsible for other body functions, we focus on healing the central nervous system to successfully treat different areas. What makes the therapy unique? I use a liquid form of special metal to create the structure of the nervous system just as modern X- rays use their machines to see the spine cord. I use the liquid. By pouring the liquid metal into the jug with water above peoples head, it makes it possible for me to make contact with every single damaged nerve. At the same time the metal crystallises (solidifying) in the water. I can read this structure, its my map to be able to recognise where damaged nerves are located. Once I know, I can accurately access to restore and cure them. So, it’s a special metal? It is a combination of special metal but it’s absolutely safe as it is all external. There is nothing taken internally. How did you learn to perform the techniques? It was passed on through generations, I have a talent to do this to understand the structure of the metal; it is a gift. You have to know what the problem is and I have knowledge and experience of more than 30 years. My experience is based on the experience of generations before me. I am still researching how to intensify my treatments, how to improve and make the treatments stronger to be able to cure the problem what were thought incurable. Have you always wanted to be a healer, what would you be doing if you were not? I always knew that I would go this way, I was a professional dancer, I did try to be a cosmetologist but I always returned back to this.

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