I first came to see Bella about nine years for my own issues and have gratefully appreciated her help to change my life around for the better mentally and physically.
Now i came to see Bella a month ago for my four year old daughter who was diagnosed with Autism and i wanted to try an alternative way to help her.
It doesn’t happen overnight but with patience within a month of Bella’s treatments you can see in her gradual overall improvements in her senses, more communicating as she didn’t make full sentences when she spoke and now she does, more regularly uses the toilet, sleeping routine improvement, more calmness, more alertness.

Now after three months of treatments she is much more aware of what is going on around her. She now started really well in kinder sitting on the mat with other kids for long times to listen to teacher and she knows and calls the staff names. Much more alert and puts clear sentences together in any situation. She started playing more with her sibling and at kinder with her peers. Going to the toilet by herself now when she feels she needs to at home, outside and kinder. Asking for certain food and drinks which she likes. Aware when someone is in pain or hurt and tries to help them by treating them with her medical toys or telling them to go to hospital.
Parents and family patience and persistants is required and you can see with Bella’s treatments many new pleasant surprises.

Its been now six months since I’ve started going to see Bella for my daughters treatments and we have seen enough improvement in her psychological ways that we believe she is cured and we have stop.
There were no after affects from the treatments except ongoing good progress from the treatment.
Her vocabulary has gone up so much that she surprises us with what she says now and playtime with her peers is in a much friendlier way because she now knows how to express herself in front of them where as before she struggled. She has made friends in kinder, calls them all by names and looks forward to going there. She has also improved her toilet training and goes by herself now.

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