Carlo, Rowville
(Anxiety and Depression treatment)

Carlo, Rowville
(Anxiety and Depression treatment)

In 2003 I found myself suffering from panic & anxiety attacks and in a state of depression, which resulted in feelings of fear and a lack of self confidence. This was a result of a number of events that had occurred throughout the previous 25 year period. I had suffered from a number of major health issues and more specifically I had been through a ten year period of illnesses where doctors had no idea what was wrong with me.

In mid 2010 again I felt depressed, I went to see a doctor, who diagnosed me surprise, surprise with depression, he handed me a prescription and said take these. I did not want to take the medication and I thought there had to be another way. What I didn’t want was to put a bandaid on the problem (which I believed the medication would be) I wanted a permanent solution. So I looked around and found Isabella’s ‘Ancient Russian Healing’ and I thought I’ll would keep an open mind and give it a try. What could lose?

I first saw Isabella in September 2010, when I arrived for my treatment I was in a terrible state, I was in a dysfunctional relationship and was feeling very depressed. After having my treatment and about 20 minutes into my drive home, all of a sudden I felt relaxed and like I did not a care in the world, I was amazed.

Isabella also provides me with a Natural Neurology Solution which I apply externally to my body, the solution penetrates into the body, and it strengthens and settles down the nervous system. This treatment alone has resulted in me losing a substantial amount of weight, being more active & productive and has provided me with the ability to maintain a positive mind set.

Isabella’s ‘Ancient Russian Healing’ treatments have changed my life in so many ways, my brain is sharper, my thoughts clearer, I am in good mental health, I am confident and more creative. I am now in a healthy relationship and happy within myself.

I actually have a more to tell about the benefits of Isabella’s ‘Ancient Russian Healing’ however, I suggest that you try it out yourself; I know you will get amazing results just like I did.

Apart from being a ‘Healer’ Isabella is very friendly, full of life and very dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life. How could you go wrong? Go on give it try.

Thank you again Isabella


Rowville, Victoria

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