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Are you looking for an alternative therapy that achieves phenomenal results?

There are many conditions adults and children suffer with that they have been unable to conquer with traditional medicine or treatments. My unique natural methods deliver results where other methods have previously failed, focussing on eliminating the root cause of the condition.

My name is Isabella Kleiman, and I was born in Russia into a family of traditional, Russian healers. My grandmother especially, was famous for her extraordinary healing talents. She would see hundreds of people per week looking for relief from conditions that no one else could treat successfully. It was her who taught me and passed down this remarkable therapy. I was shown how to tap into my healing talents, at the age of 18, and to understand the phenomenon that’s our human body. Thirty-five years later, I have helped thousands of people, in Australia, Russia, US and around the world, who were deemed ‘untreatable’ and were losing hope from traditional medicine.
The therapy is 100% safe & doesn’t involve any oral intake of any medicines, which means its ideal for children also. Instead, it uses the natural healing abilities of certain semiprecious metals that have the ability to repair & reactivate damaged nerves. I believe, and my therapy proves, that the central nervous system controls the health and wellbeing of our bodies and minds. So, if you repair the damaged nerves causing the problem, which this treatment does, you will restore your system back to optimum health.

My whole life has been dedicated towards perfecting my abilities in order to better help people. This treatment still amazes me, and those that I treat who receive the benefits everyday. The best part is watching my patients walk away healthy and happier than they have been in a long time.

I use my natural treatment methods for help with the following Pyschological, Neurological and Physical Conditions:


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100's of happy patients with real results in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & even in North America speak for themselves.

Natural Treatment for Psychological Conditions

Borderline personality disorder

Panic Attacks




Behavioural problems


Fear and phobia


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Post Natal Depression

ADHD and many more

Natural Treatment for Neurological & Physical Conditions

Multiple Sclerosis

Motor neurone

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Pinched nerves

Digestive disorders including IBS

Bed wetting


Natural Treatment for Neurological & Physical Conditions




Parkinson's disease


Body or muscle soreness

Back pain

Poor blood circulation



Sleeping problems in children

Reflux and many more

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