Tina, Melbourne
(ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, autism, behaviour problem, fear)

Tina, Melbourne
(ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, autism, behaviour problem, fear)

I am a mother of a young boy who was presented with many problems since he was born in May 1999. I was aware that Luke had certain problems from the start. Luke would cry all the time and was never settled, this went on for two whole years. I visited many doctors and no one could help me. As the years passed Luke was only getting worse. He would never sleep through the night and his behaviour was getting worse. A Paediatric Specialist told me he had ADHD, but gave me no treatment.

In 2004 Luke was diagnosed with epilepsy, as well as Global Development Delay. I had a child who was having not only seizures but attention problems, would not sleep and cognitive problems. I was sick with worry and visited every avenue possible. I never saw any results from the medical profession or from the more alternative treatments.

In late 2004 I came across Ancient Russian Healing. I Spoke with Isabella and explained all of my son’s problems, she explained that she would be able to help me. The treatment helped my son in every area. He did not have a seizure for 11 month and was never sick.

Before Bella, I was going to the doctor and he would be on antibiotics for various infections. His immune system was getting stronger. The other advantage that he received from the treatment was that he is getting better with his cognitive skills, he sleeps better.

I have noticed so many changes in him that I cannot imagine what would of happened without Isabella’s treatment. Luke is currently in Grade 1 and doing really well at school, his behaviour is excellent and he does not have any problems with interacting socially. His cognitive skills are fantastic and he is doing excellent with his overall language and development.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Bella, I can only hope my story inspires other people to use her treatment.

Tina, VIC

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