Psychological Condition Testimonials

I first came to see Bella about nine years for my own issues and have gratefully appreciated her help to change my life around for the better mentally and physically.
Now i came to see Bella a month ago for my four year old daughter who was diagnosed with Autism and i wanted to try an alternative way to help her.
It doesn’t happen overnight but with patience within a month of Bella’s treatments you can see in her gradual overall improvements in her senses, more communicating as she didn’t make full sentences when she spoke and now she does, more regularly uses the toilet, sleeping routine improvement, more calmness, more alertness.
Now after three months of treatments she is much more aware of what is going on around her. She now started really well in kinder sitting on the mat with other kids for long times to listen to teacher and she knows and calls the staff names.
Much more alert and puts clear sentences together in any situation. She started playing more with her sibling and at kinder with her peers.
Going to the toilet by herself now when she feels she needs to at home, outside and kinder. Asking for certain food and drinks which she likes.
Aware when someone is in pain or hurt and tries to help them by treating them with her medical toys or telling them to go to hospital.
Parents and family patience and persistants is required and you can see with Bella’s treatments many new pleasant surprises.

My 20 year son has global developmental delay and is on the autism spectrum. We have tried many alternative therapies, but had limited success.
We started a treatment with Isabella 2 months back and his progress has been substantial and very noticeable. He is happier, more aware and is communicating better then before.
I was spectical at first and wasn’t expecting any progress so quickly. The difference is visible and Isabella’s committed approach to do her best is very comforting. We know she has our best interests at heart and we will continue the treatment since our shared goal is to make our son fully independent.
Many thanks Isabella.

I would like to thank Isabella for helping my whole family to resolve various health issues, especially my daughter who suffered from an OCD and now is completely cured. She is an amazing healer and a wonderful and caring person . I highly recommend Isabella.

Absolutely amazing healer. Suffering from anxiety and a negative headspace for many years I was always feeling very anxious and unmotivated. I thought I would give Isabella’s treatment a chance. After starting her treatment I immediately saw results and changes. My mind is much more clear and I don’t overthink scenarios to the point where I start to feel depressed and let it ruin my day. I feel much more happier within myself. I am also a much happier person towards people and my family members have also noticed these changes. I am feeling much more productive now and have 100x more confidence. Isabella you are amazing on a professional level, but also a personal level. I cannot thank you enough for improving my life. To anyone that’s is living with these diseases I highly recommend this treatment!

Absolutely amazing healer. Izabella simply performs miracles. A family member who has experienced depression and anxiety for a long long time has been simply brought back to life with Ancient Russian Healing methodology. Izabella you are simply the best both on personal level and on professional level thank you so much for bringing our family member back to life.

I came to see Isabella, after seeing/trying so many different options i was avoiding medication and wanted something natural to be honest when i came across this treatment i was a bit sceptical. I was battling for at least a year. I could not stop / control my anxiety( Panic attacks ). I suffered on a daily basis and it was starting to take a toll on my life. Anywhere and time….
After meeting Isabella, i felt instant relief and was very comfortable she understood everything i had to say and knew what she what she was talking about. With many years of experience and knowledge I knew i was in good hands.
I followed all the instructions given to me and within weeks I started to feel relief, normality i couldn’t believe it after every treatment i would feel significantly better… After multiple sessions I was feeling stable and better than ever… Everything that Isabella told me would happen did…This treatment is by far underrated, My anxiety(panic attacks ) have disappeared. I thank you Isabella for your time and amazing safe natural treatment for improving my life..

I came to see Bella to receive treatment for Bipolar Disorder. After four weeks of treatment my moods became more stabilised, they didn’t fluctuate as frequently or as severely. My depression decreased to a more tolerable level. I became a happier person within myself. I became more motivated and stopped oversleeping. I enrolled in a course and began to enjoy my job. I even began socialising again. My anxiety became manageable. I was able to decrease my medication and hope to cease it altogether. My ability to cope with stressful situations and stress in general improved.

I went to Bella about 6 months ago because I had a deep rooted mental problem, obsession with fantasy, fear and obsessive compulsive disorder. I had no self esteem, low communication skills. I went to many specialists for help but there was no help for me and I continued to struggle my whole life. My life was not good at all because I kept thinking that I was 2 people in 1. I was weak, it affected my life. I came to see Bella and her therapy returned me back to normal life. Thank you Bella for giving me my life back, all my symptoms are gone.

My son was wetting the bed due to pressure at school and bullying. Within 2 sessions Sebastian greatly improved and with each treatment he became more relaxed, confident and positive. Both my husband and I are very grateful to Isabella. The final result being that he no longer wets the bed and we do not have to restrict how much liquid he drinks.

I had several problems – I lost the fire in my heart, had no energy, was anxious and depressed. After the treatment I felt all of these problems started to disappear and the more treatment I had the better I felt. Thank you very much Isabella. Now I feel like I’m back to normal after 6 treatments. I am very glad I did these treatments, it was worth every dollar I spent.

When I came to Bella I was at the lowest point of my life I was physically and emotionally run down I was totally depressed and thought I would never get better. I started Bella’s treatments and as time progressed the symptoms decreased. I am now in a very positive frame of mind. My health is great and I am very strong and confident. I definetely recommend Bella’s treatments. I believe it really does work.

My name is Frances; I came to see Isabella as I had a nervous breakdown. I could not stop shaking and had a severe case of depression. This also led to me being anxious all the time where I eventually became housebound. After 3 visits my tremor had stopped and gradually after that with following treatments my physical wellbeing had improved! I followed all the instructions including the treatment you do at home. Everything that Isabella told me would happen did and for that I am stronger and ready to face the world again. Thank you Isabella for allowing me to live life again.

Neurological & Psychological Condition Testimonials

This is my second feedback for the situation we faced with my son actually the third one because the first time we turned to Isabella with wart , which was magically cured. Everyone knows children can be sad and miserable at time in their lives. Until recently, we have tended to assume all children can bounce back emotionally from the events( my son was bullied at school). Many depressed children became depressed adolescents and adults, so it is really important to do something about depression in a child.
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I am a mother of a young boy who has presented with many problems since he was born. I was aware that Luke had certain problems from the start. Luke would cry all the time and was never settled, this went on for two whole years. I visited many doctors and no one could help me. As the years passed Luke was only getting worse. He would never sleep through the night and his behaviour was getting worse.  A peadiatric specialist told me had ADHD, but give me no treatment…
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I would like to thank Isabella for helping my whole family to resolve various health issues, especially my daughter who suffered from an OCD and now is completely cured. She is an amazing healer and a wonderful and caring person . I highly recommend Isabella.

I took my older son to see Isabella three months ago. He was diagnosed with ADHD and fear. I was seeking a natural treatment to help him with his conditions. One month into to treatment, I noticed a subtle improvement in him. Then I decided to treat my younger son as he showed some signs of hyperactivity. Three months into the treatments, I saw significant improvements in both of my sons behaviour and well being. They were more relaxed and settled, less anxious and more engaged. This is not the end, I know there will be more improvement in the coming months. I just want to thank Isabella for her great support and care throughout the treatments. THANK YOU BELLA!

Before meeting with Isabella I felt lethargic, always unwell, felt like I had the world on my shoulders. Before any treatment was done and just by talking to Isabella I knew she could help me. Once commencing the treatment I started to feel better within only a couple of treatments. Seeing Isabella has made a huge difference to my well being and life. I now feel much more energetic and happier. My daughter also has started seeing Isabella and from a couple of treatments I have also noticed a really big change in her. Suffering from a negative mind space and feeling very unmotivated she is becoming a happier, confident person. Knowing Isabella is there to help when we need her is a big piece of mind for me and my family. She is very lovely and understanding on a professional and personal level. I highly recommend seeing her if you are suffering, she will change your life. Many thanks Isabella.

Lucius my 4.5yr old son suffered with chronic Asthma, Gut issues and several Behavioural issues likened to ADHD and had some Austic Characteristics. I was searching for a natural treatment and came accross Ancient Russian Healing websight. Since commencing treatment with Bella in August 2017 Lucius had been Asthma free and he’s appetite is improving. We are continuing treatment to now address the Behavioural issues. Within the 2 months I have seen some improvements with Lucius behavior but we still have a ways to go. Bella has been extremely informative, caring and very patient with Lucius. I absolutely encourage anyone who wants to pursue a natural non invasive approach to give this treatment a try. I am confident that we will see greater results with Lucius in the months to come. Thank you Bella for providing this wonderful treatment.

Before meeting with Bella, I was sick for 18 months with constant dizziness, disequilibrium, brain fog and fatigue. My condition was diagnosed by doctors as Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness, but no conventional treatments had worked for me. After just 2 weeks of sessions with Bella, I was able to drive again and by 6 weeks I was feeling 90% well again – the best I had felt in a long time. I am so grateful to Bella. I had honestly tried so many treatments, including other alternative treatments, and this is the ONLY thing that worked to get rid of my symptoms. It’s helped me to finally lead a normal life again. I recommend Bella to anyone who has any issues preventing them from living life to the fullest. Thank you so much Bella for giving me my life back.

Hi Bella,
I just want to say how grateful I am for your support through the hardest time in my life and you helped not only my daughter but me too!

A few years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Autism.
My heart was broken and I’ve been looking for anything that could help.
One day my friend told me that she heard about an amazing woman ( Isabella Kleiman ) who can help and lives not far so there I was the next day.

With your unique technique, my daughter is in mainstream school and absolutely fine living a beautiful healthy life.
I wholeheartedly appreciate everything you’ve done for us.


Thank you for all your help. My Diabetes has gone, my sugar is stable, I checked myself after a month and the result was a normal 6.6 which is great for me being in the building game. Also my self confidence is back and my mind is at best. Thank you Bella, before I met you I was constantly in and out of hospitals for 5 years.

I have no problem with blinking since the last time I saw you Bella, which was 10 years ago.

I first came to Bella as a last resort. I even had some nasty thoughts. I still don’t know how or what Bella’s technique is but I do know that my home life is the best its been for years, work is now looking good again. My stress is low and I have a very hight tolerance of anything annoying, my energy is up. I have less pain in my arms, legs and back than ever; it’s getting better. Even if it is just the power of suggestion it is doing me the world of good. Thank you Bella.

After a few visits to Isabella and receiving treatment I can say that my circulation has greatly improved. I always had a cold hands and feet and now I do not have this problem anymore. I have had a prostate problem for many years and now this treatment has greatly improved and I am not badly affected like before. I now feel very well.