November 25, 2016

Chelsea, Melbourne

Hi Bella,
I just want to say how grateful I am for your support through the hardest time in my life and you helped not only my daughter but me too!
A few years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Autism.
My heart was broken and I’ve been looking for anything that could help.
One day my friend told me that she heard about an amazing woman ( […]


November 24, 2016

Nenad, Melbourne
(Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression)

My name is Nenad and the first thing I would like to do is say a big thank you, thank you to Isabella for helping me with an issue that I have had for a long time and something where the physical and psychological symptoms can be difficult.
I am so grateful for coming across you and your treatment, a treatment […]


Sam, London
(Multiple Psychological Disorders)

I suffered from multiple psychological disorders. It was tough to put a finger on how to treat it, as different doctors had different opinions and solutions. I had symptoms of psychosis, bi polar, split personality disorder, ADHD, depression and even autism. I do feel that the depression came as a result of having all these other problems.

I suffered from the […]